Wood Chipper Hire

We have chippers for hire, either for you to test our units or for general purpose use in chipping materials.

Units available for hire may vary from time to time but most of the time we have three units available

RV125 Chipper Trailer mounted 31 hp petrol engine- electric start
RV125 Chipper Tractor Mounted

Rates for Chipper Hire

Chipper Model   Rate/ Min Rate Delivery/
Suitable for
Operator is included Hour  Daily (7hrs)  JHB. Area Wet/soft  Dry/hard 
 Each way Up to-mm mm
RV125 Chipper Trailer mounted
31 hp petrol engine
 Required on site-Labour to assist Note: Our machine Operator can not be responsible
to bring materials to the machine, this labour
will have to be provided for, by the client
 Petrol Oil and consumables Note: 1st Tank of fuel is included, thereafter own fuel
must be supplied-Fuel usage is approx. 30L per 8 hr
shift, depending on work rate and material type.
 Prices may change without notice

Please note that all rented machinery out of Gauteng should be paid in full rentals, 100% payment

If you want a wood chipper, stump grinder, shredder or amenity machine, you’ve come to the right place – RV Wood Chipping machines are built to last and will never let you down.  We supply Wood Chipping machines that can last you a lifetime.  Superb Wood Chipper machines and unrivaled customer service mean Rivim is by far your best option for new wood chipping machinery.  We offer competitive prices and pride ourselves on never letting our customers down. Your total satisfaction is our goal.  We manufacture Wood Chippers, Industrial Lawn Mowers, domestic lawn mowers, ride on mowers and wood shredders.  Our products are Proudly Made in South Africa and definitely made for the African Bush veld and African wood / bush.  If you’re an arboriculturalist, tree surgeon, contractor or hire company, a RV 100 wood chipper/shredder is the machine for you, offering flexibility where it’s needed. This is a combined wood chipper and shredder designed to cope with everything you are likely to meet on site.  We manufacture and provide any garden refuse removal equipment, mainly specialising in wood chippers and shredders.  If we do not stock it or make it, we will find it.

These are very rugged dual-purpose wood chipping / shredding machines that deal with everything you can throw at them – from large branches to light brush. Using the shredder, brash and waste materials are processed to form materials for mulch, compost or recycling for on-site use. Chippings from the wood chipper can be used as mulch or to reduce material volume for off-site disposal.  The RV125 STD machine – South African built and a bit of a wood chipping brute, with a petrol/diesel.   It almost has too much power – not a bad fault!  It’s a solidly-built wood chipping / shredding machine and will last for years.

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