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Retractable Security Burglars



Espeka Engineering has been manufacturing for over 50 years and has manufactured retractable security doors and security gates since 1999. We have been a leading developer and innovator of retractable security doors with thousands of happy and SAFE customers.

Our SAFEDOOR advantages are :
  • 5 year guarantee on the retractable security doors and security gates
  • Steel bearings, in fact no plastic parts except covers for aesthetic reasons on on the retractable security doors
  • Professionally treated and powder coated retractable security doors and security gates
  • Manufactured with SABS approved steel using square tubing 1.6mm in thickness on the retractable security doors
  • Imported special star key locks- very difficult to have duplicates made-extra secure on the retractable security doors
  • Roll formed bottom track on the retractable security doors
  • Solid steel bottom pins on the retractable  security doors
  • All SAFEDOOR retractable security door components are steel, no plastic parts
  • Two separate locks rather than one key point, making in twice as difficult to force entry via the locking bar on the retractable security doors
  • No slots in the uprights-we use a slot bracket so we don’t weaken the uprights on the retractable security doors
  • Our retractable security doors don’t require maintenance
  • Our HIGH SECURITY DOORS and Security Gates option is one of the strongest on the market and has been tested by security and insurance industry
  • Burglar proofing for all types of openings in the building from burglar proofing for doors, windows, patios, kitchen, garage in fact any opening
Some of our components used on our products

  • Sealed Solid ball bearing running inside a steel top track-(not aluminium.) on the retractable security doors
  • Solid steel bottom pins (not plastic) running in an all steel bottom track- impossible to pry open with small tools, crowbar screwdriver etc on the retractable security doors.
  • HIGH SECURITY option for those who feel vulnerable to attack or have experienced a break in, uses an extra two rows of flights made from 20x5mm flat bar and use special Stainless Steel bolts that can not be unbolted after assembly-have to be cut off to gain entry on the retractable security doors.
  • Professionally fitted retractable security doors by quality craftsmen with care.
  • Burglar proofing for all types of openings in the building from burglar proofing for doors, windows, patios, kitchen, garage in fact any opening.
  • Burglar proof your windows with either fixed security bars or with retractable or sliding burglar bars- making it an escape route for fire or for easy access for cleaning.
In comparison to other products:

  • Some opposition products use double uprights on the retractable security doors-

this allows a tool such as a crowbar to be wedged in between uprights and force the two uprights apart on the retractable security doors.

  • Also plastic parts are used and weaken the overall strength of product and will require maintenance.
  • Others use a oval cylinder which is vulnerable to attach and weaker than our star key locks on the retractable security doors.


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