RV125 Standard

RVC125 Industrial Wood Chipper Specifications
Manufactured In RSA-Wynberg JHB @ Espeka Engineering

RVC125 Industrial Chipper
Manufactured strong and robust for Wood Chipping up to 8 inch logs (200mm)and branches etc.

All RVC125 Trailer petrol or diesel, Tractor Mounted, Stationary and Electric Models  use the same chipper Housing- and drum size

Chipper Housing Specifications:
Drum Type

Drum Diameter 500mm 

Heavy Duty 12mm Rolled Outer with 2 x Industrial Flange Bearings

 Double Blade Drum Mounted

Reversible-Locally Manufactured High Grade Hardened Steel, Ground Edges (size 260x127x12.7)

 Main Shaft 50 mm Dia.

Carbon Axle Quality Steel


 12mm Hardened and Ground Plate

Body ConstructionMain Drum Housing

  6mm Plate Co2 welded Construction

Discharge ChuteBolted to Drum Housing

3mm Plate Welded Construction

360 deg. Swivel
Input Chute (Feed)Opening Size 910x430mm

3mm Plate Welded Construction

Throat Size 254x200mm
Complete Chipper Body Powder Coated Yellow.


Trailer Mounted-see Picture

Engine Model: 
Self Powered Units fitted onto Trailer or Stationary Frame Mounted

Petrol OHV Industrial

31 HP Briggs & Stratton 2 Cylinder

3600 rpm

35 HP Briggs & Stratton 2 Cyl.

Kohler 2 cylinder 

Diesel Engine

21 HP Kohler 2 Cyl.

 Tractor Mounted RV125 TRACTOR MTD

Tractor Mounted:
3 Point Mounting
Direct drive from tractor via PTO shaft.  Side Feed -chipper specs as above Top link, all Pins 
and PTO Shaft Supplied
All Tractor mounted Chipper Models Require Min 20 kw Power on the PTO @ 1000 rpm
Electric Motor: Available on request.

Trailer  Specifications: ( available on mobile self powered units, Public Road license)

GVM Single Axle 750kg


L 2.9m x W 1.4m


Spare wheel 
Safety Chain
Industrial Jockey Wheel
With Papers, new owner only to Register.

Supplied Complete, Lights, connector etc.
Supplied with Trailer.
(if Required for Engine, will be supplied)
Black Chassis with White rims 

All Steel Construction, for Hard Working Conditions

Large Tank
 21 litre capacity available Flush Mounted on Trailer Chassis

         Production Output: 2.5 t/hr (Wet ) Dry wood will be less   

1 year guarantee-only

Shredder attachment

Can be mounted onto all variations of chippers, RVC125 Trailer Mounted, Tractor Mounted of Stationary Frame Mounted.

Reason for shredder attachment-

  1. Wood chippers are ideally suited for chipping wood ie branches and stumps from tress or shrubs etc, But are not suited for soft flexible materials such as leaves, vines or Stringy materials. The shredder allows the chipper to now accept any type of material all at once and either chip branch materials in the main section and shred soft materials in the shredder section.
    -This aids in breaking down larger softer materials which would not be chipped by the normal wood chipping process.
  2. Shredding also aids the breakdown of materials and leaves into smaller chips and dramatically increases and speeds up the composting process. Once chipped and shredded the composting process starts instantly, were as chipping on its own requires much longer periods.

If you want a wood chipper, stump grinder, shredder or amenity machine, you’ve come to the right place – RVC Wood Chipping machines are built to last and will never let you down.  We supply Wood Chipping machines that can last you a lifetime.  Superb Wood Chipper machines and unrivaled customer service mean Espeka SA is by far your best option for new wood chipping machinery.  We offer competitive prices and pride ourselves on never letting our customers down. Your total satisfaction is our goal.  We manufacture Wood Chippers, Industrial Lawn Mowers, domestic lawn mowers, ride on mowers and wood shredders.  Our products are Proudly Made in South Africa and definitely made for the African Bush veld and African wood / bush.  If you’re an arboriculturalist, tree surgeon, contractor or hire company, a RVC100 wood chipper/shredder is the machine for you, offering flexibility where it’s needed. This is a combined wood chipper and shredder designed to cope with everything you are likely to meet on site.  We manufacture and provide any garden refuse removal equipment, mainly specializing in wood chippers and shredders.  If we do not stock it or make it, we will find it.

These are very rugged dual-purpose wood chipping / shredding machines that deal with everything you can throw at them – from large branches to light brush. Using the shredder, brash and waste materials are processed to form materials for mulch, compost or recycling for on-site use. Chippings from the wood chipper can be used as mulch or to reduce material volume for off-site disposal.  The RVC125 STD machine – South African built and a bit of a wood chipping brute, with a petrol/diesel.   It almost has too much power – not a bad fault!  It’s a solidly-built wood chipping / shredding machine and will last for years. 

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Deutz Diesel 53HP -39.5 kw air cooled 3 cylinder fitted to our RVC125 Chipper with Logo Splitter attachment

Standard with all trailer mounted self powered Chippers is a 21 Litre Stainless Steel fuel tank

RVC125 Tractor Mounted PTO Chipper with shredder for Animal feed Grinding or Composting