ESPEKA ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD will  continue manufacturing a vast range of quality products, manufactured for over 50 years by Rivim Engineering) ranging from jobbing, press work, tool making, and fabrication. Concentrating in the areas of automotive parts, irrigation and grass cutting equipment including Retractable Security Doors branded SAFE DOOR.

Your: Guarantee Of Quality

 Espeka Engineering will be supplying South Africa with top quality industrial mowers. Our equipment is used extensively all over the Republic in parks, gardens, municipalities, schools and sport clubs.

Our local manufactured product range offers.

Industrial mowers from 500mm cut push mowers to 750 ride on models,

Industrial small to medium Wood chippers from 75mm to 200mm
wood capacities in both trailer mounted and tractor mounted,

Domestic Lawnmowers our Lawnbug 750 for large area cutting such as schools, 
plots etc.,  and our baby Lawnmower Machine Sprite 460 for small gardens,

Our retractable security doors -SAFEDOOR arguably is the strongest available
on the market with our High Security option for Doors and Windows. It is available
in various colours and manufactured with no compromise to strength and Quality.

A new blower for large area control of leaves and light rubbish

The EASYPUL tow bar, a foldable A Frame device for towing vehicles.

 We offer all available imported products such as brush-cutters, chainsaws etc.

We also offer a full range of Engineering services and Fabrication
for light to medium materials.


Our range incorporates all the qualities and refinements South Africa has demanded, and all our products are fully guaranteed for one year, or 750 hours operation or more depending on product type and area of operation.

Easy servicing, reliability, power and comfort will make our products a pleasure to own. We pride ourselves in being able to produce South African products with world class standards.

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