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Rv125 Shedder



RV125 Chipper Trailer Mounted fitted with a Shredder

SHREDDER CLOSED OUTFEED Shredder showing closed outfeed – This will force the material to only come out, through the screen and this will produce a smaller consistant size of material. Also forcing soft thinner materials and leaves through the screen will brake down the material which otherwise wouldn’t be broken down using only the chipper. This is because the chipper is apdept more for thicker harder material such as branches and tree trunks


RV125 Shredder Trailer Mounted Shredder showing Open outfeed – Picture shows the shredder oulet in the open position which would allow materials to bypass the shredder blades and escape quicker, but size of chipped materials would be inconsistant and larger than had it been forced through the screen of the shredder

Results from Chipper fitted with shredder with a screen hole size of 15mm

Materials are reduced to approx. 1/6 the size of a normal chipping.

Various screen sizes available if required Standard are 15mm hole or 8mm hole sizes.

  • More consistent sizing of product and reduced sharp edges 
  • Faster Composting turn around 
  • Can use for Animal feed grinding -studies have been done on this and animals can survive in times of distress (drought conditions, or low grass growth) with shredded materials supplemented with vitamins and additives.
  • Ideal for leaves and softer materials -a chipper without shredder attachment will not break down leaves and softer materials


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